My secret for peace and success

Not long ago, all I had was $40 in the bank, $500 in cash plus a mortgage and hope overload.

I left my well-paying corporate job and wondered where all that money was that I had earned all these years.

Just like everyone – responsibilities, mortgages and a lifestyle to keep up were my reasons too.

Cherry on top, I ventured on my own, never had Facebook and was never active on LinkedIn either.

No other source of income to fall back on and no parental home to stay while I am stabilising.

Lucrative offers like 5 clients in 5 days, 10 K in 10 days were proposed to me, but I am not a fan of instant noodles.

I trusted my gut instincts🙏 and decided to stay true to who I am, which includes not faking my smile or liking something on social media just because..

And the shift happened like magic.

When you completely let go of your ego and surrender, that magic carpet will appear to lift you off the ground. ☘️

This may defy logic and every sales & marketing strategy.

But this will happen when you let go of your ego and surrender. Be it personal life, profession or business. 🌎

And this was my 🙏 prayer then and even today.

Universe, use me as your tool and put this life to the best use, whether I like it or not”.

That brought me people, opportunities and abundance 🌻.

Doesn’t mean I didn’t work hard, it only means I worked without fear.

May your intuition guide you and trust your gut to follow your intuition.❤️

Love ❤️

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