The truth about why you self sabotage..And why its not your fault

The truth about why you self sabotage..

And why its not your fault

Yesterday, I was talking to my client Tina, about her son who does not seem to take up any

opportunities that are coming along his way. And I was in awe when I heard the wonderful opportunities presented but discarded by Tina’s son.

Tina, as any other mum would do, is doing her best to give every opportunity to her children. Yet her son is not keen.

You may wonder why? And you may assume he is a millennial or he is less motivated or he does not have fire in his belly. But that’s not true either.

This is not very uncommon and I am sure you can relate to this.

Allan, another client of mine who is a coach and a psychologist, didn’t take up any opportunities that were presented to him and later he realised there were no opportunities to take them up. His relationship is on the verge of a breakdown and he is financially broken.

Jessica, another client who is a teacher who wanted to be a singer, declined every singing opportunity for 11 years and could never comprehend why?

Brad, yet another client, started many things based on a zillion ideas and didn’t end up finishing any of them.

You will be surprised to know the reasons behind these decisions:

Allan – Becoming rich and being busy will take him away from his wife and daughter. He decided never to do that to his family because he didn’t get to spend time with his dad in his childhood.

Jessica: Didn’t want to be more successful than her sister because she didn’t want to leave behind her sister and family. She was afraid that success would alienate her from her sister and mum.

Brad : He didn’t want to fail and he didn’t want to put his father to shame by failing. So he never bothered to continue and finish it.

Allan, Jessica and Brad are three good-hearted and intelligent people. And yet their past dictated their present and future.

They didn’t know that was their blind spot and blamed themselves for not being good enough, strong enough and courageous enough.

And none of them is true.

You may be a coach, mindful practitioner, parent, partner or professional. And you may have spent years working on yourself. But these blind spots can only be spotted by someone who has travelled that depth to find them in you.

If you are trying and trying without success, Stop and talk to someone who can help you and who can dig deep and find the root cause.

Ask for help and be open to receiving it.

Looking forward to hearing your views and thoughts. Feel free to email me.

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Love ❤️


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