Why, when I help others, can’t I help my family?

Why do you go to sqare one after years of personal development?

Today I wanted to talk about hoarding and how it affects your relationships, business,   health and personal life.

I am introducing three case studies here and I have changed the names while I retained the message.

1. Angela is financially secured, so organised and a loving mum, wife and an employer.

She is huge on personal development and organisational development.

As you can imagine with the flexibility of finances, she did almost every course you can imagine and met every coach, mentor and a  healer that she possibly can find in her pursuit to be the best.

However, one challenge remains that she couldn’t overcome in spite of years of personal development.

“She has to be the best amongst her friends and she goes to the extremes just to prove her point”

2. Mariane, another client who is a spiritual healer with decades of focus on personal development, worries she is not as successful as she wanted to be and is worried her time is running out.

3. Rob, another successful young professional who is also an aspiring life coach is frustrated that he didn’t live his life to his full potential.

What do you think is the common thread here?

Have you ever thought of improving your life circumstances by raising your frequency or living an elevated state of life with peace and contentment?

Have you ever been to a coach, counsellor or psychologist or a healer for a specific issue and after diligently doing everything discussed and said, you find yourself back in square one after few weeks of stopping your sessions?

If you said YES, you are not alone.

And if you thought something must be wrong with you, you are not alone either.

Here are the two reasons that you should know:

1. Your mind is a master hoarder who knows precisely what to feed you to keep you safe and secured.

2. It doesn’t matter what it is hoarding and what it means to be safe and secured. It can be the memory of drugs or memory of healthy food. It will feed you what you fed your mind with.

It is a secret that only you two will ever know and you made a pact with your mind.

Now my question to you.

How can a coach or a healer or a psychiatrist ever know YOUR secret?

And how can YOU ever know someone’s secret, even if it includes your partner, child, parent, client or a colleague?

Coaching and mentoring the coaches, individuals and leaders led me to this conclusion.

Yes, a good coach will be a beacon of light for you to search in the dark.

However, they are in their own journey too.

But what if you can allow your light to shine through you?

What if you have the life skill to understand yourself and different aspects of human beings and their behaviour.

Like the internet in this day and age, understanding people is a necessary life skill to lead a meaningful life with quality relationships.

What if you as a young parent or young professional or as a leader or an entrepreneur can master yourself and enable your child, partner, parent, colleague or clients to be their best self without ego, fear and worry?

Think about it.

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When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear

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