Are you guilty of feeling guilt?

Hi there,

Today, let us explore Guilt.

Are you guilty?

🔴Guilt of not being a good daughter or son
🔴Guilt of letting down someone
🔴Guilt of not being a good mum or dad
🔴Guilt of lying or being jealous OR
🔴Guilt of living, surviving or being happy

This guilt is a strange emotion.

This is your best friend and your worst enemy too, like any other negative emotion.

But what makes this a negative emotion while it’s intentions are so good for you?

I was talking to a client last week and she was guilty because she is successful.

As surprising as this sounds, digging deeper it’s not the guilt for being successful.

Can you guess?

It’s the guilt that being successful will alienate her from her family and friends.

That family where she spent years believing she is holding them together while hiding herself from everyone.

That’s not the real reason yet.

It’s because she believes that her family believes she is the strong one and hence she assumed the identity of “strong one” being around them.

Read that again..👆

That identity which served her well is also not serving her well because:

“what if others outside her family don’t believe she is the strong one?”

“What if her family fails in her absence and her identity as the strong one is lost?”

This is her blind spot.

She calls it love but can you see what an illusion it is?

“Guilt is a perceived violation of your perceived identity”

And that stems from EGO.

Observe your ego, observe your identity and be open to change it as you move along.


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