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Would you like to know your true potential And taking what is possible and turning it into results?

Expansion of your mind and releasing the patterns that you created flows into new opportunities with connections, jobs, people and relationships, reading and understanding people in a powerful way, shifting your perspective and cutting through the barriers.

There may be hidden blocks or limitations where you might not even know what they are. Perhaps it is emotional baggage, guilt and shame, jealousy and grief, trauma, affairs or sexual identity abuse or significant events that may have affected you.

Maybe in business you are playing small, you might seek a sense of belonging or validation from others, have fear of judgement or failure. You may not be making enough money, perhaps you are stuck and/or you want to serve where you don’t like asking for money or charging your clients.

We work together clearing your mind clutter, leaving no rock unturned in short and concise manner, supporting you in a kind and compassionate way, taking an accepting, non-judgemental approach.

Getting to know you almost straight away, facilitating business and personal breakthroughs, empowering you to resolve your own blocks and patterns to discover your full potential will open the doors for you to have meaningful relationships, have good health, successful career, progressive business and live an inspiring life.

If you are ready and would like to know more, let us catchup for 45 minutes.

Manna Abraham
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Manna Abraham

What if I can help you uncover in just 45 minutes, one pattern that is holding you back more than anything else and evidence the pattern by the symptoms you display?


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Manna Abraham

Manna Abraham - Breakthrough Coach, Business Growth Specialist, NLP Trainer, Personal Leadership & Emotional Independence Advocate

Over 20 years’ experience in personal and professional leadership, working across Argentina, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, US and the UK.

As a leader, building teams from one person to a hundred, leading organisational restructures and recruitment processes in a global labour market, analysing opportunities with acquisitions and mergers, managing teams and stakeholders from different cultures, backgrounds and skill sets.

Industry experience and technical expertise includes accounting and auditing, back offices and shared services, business advisory services, human resource and team management, equity research and finance, insurance, livestock, local government, manufacturing, project management, public practice, mindset and wellbeing.

Troubleshooting challenges with critical thinking, crisis and change management, understanding the mindset of individuals, discovering your values and playing to your strengths, identifying opportunities, designing business and personal strategies for effective outcomes and aligning individual, team and organisational values.

“Life is a series of experiences, and every experience takes us a step closer to greatness If we make a choice to be non-judgmental and support each other with compassion and kindness, together we can create a sustainable, thriving community and a better place to live for future generations”

Women’s empowerment is a key driver that connects roles as a business and transformational life coach, director and founder, and mentor, working with young girls and women around the world.

A strong advocate of personal leadership and emotional independence including business, career, finances (CPA Australia, CA India), personal life and mindset.

Providing one and one plus group coaching with programs that are designed and facilitated including Business in a Box for startup support, The Transformation Matrix using unique inside out approach and focussing on mindset, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainings and the PLEASE Program on personal leadership for employees and organisations.

A Core belief is that Self-Awareness is the key to master your mind and redesign your life. Therefore, you design your life either consciously or unconsciously and “Leadership begins with you”.


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