Will You Marry Me?

You must be surprised with the subject “Will You Marry Me”? But that’s the question I am often asked by my clients by the time we finish our personal breakthrough sessions.

In just 6-8 sessions, which is less than 15 hours, we develop such a great bond and a relationship that will last for life irrespective of whether we see and talk to each other regularly.

Now, why am I talking about this?

I am definitely not trying to be cheeky here. This is to emphasize that you too can build such a deep and meaningful relationship with your partner in less than 15 hours only if you are willing to and open to know your partner as if you had never met them before.

Mind you, this question “Will You Marry Me” comes from a very good space of feeling completely understood and accepted.

Take this opportunity and make your past meaningful.Take that decision now to start looking at your partner with a fresh perspective.

They are not the same when you met them ages ago. Perhaps you both never got time to observe your growth in the busyness of life.

When you are ready to reignite your love for each other , having someone you trust on your side to facilitate this journey will immensely help you to rebuild your relationship.

Reach out if you are ready and here is my calendly invite to book a free 45 minutes catchup.

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