Are you a Fraud? Imposter Syndrome explained!

Hi there! I hope you are well. In last week’s newsletter we discussed how to let go of the need to “Not Be Someone” If you didn’t see this, go back and have a read now as it will help you to let go and become aware of the programs you are running away from. Continuing on from last week’s conversation, today’s topic is Imposter Syndrome. How this successful business woman overcame her fear of not being good enough and being found out, and how you can do the same. Before diving in, I want to share my conversation with Sally, an amazingly successful professional. Sally : I feel like a fraud. I think I have imposter syndrome Me: Ok. How are you a fraud? Sally : I am heading this team with 100 team members and I always feel I will be found out. Me : What will you be found out for? Sally : That I am not as intelligent and well educated as others in my team Me: Ok.. you were interviewed, they did background checks and checked your certificates. Didnt they? Sally : Yes, but I feel I am a fraud Interesting right, can you identify what’s happening here? Let us peek behind the screen and get into the mind of Sally. At the age of 5 she was constantly told by her mum she was not as smart as everybody else .This simple statement led her to take on the belief that she is ‘dumb’. And now, even though she went on to pursue a master’s degree, won many awards and has very successful career, the program Sally is running is still the same ‘I am dumb’ and that overpowers every other achievement. Which means, unconsciously Sally is constantly trying to prove to herself “she is not dumb”. This conflict/metaprogram is weakening Sally and make her believe she is a fraud. Sally is a victim of her past and if she doesn’t address this, she will be running the same program for the rest of her life, exhausting right? Breaking and resolving this pattern has allowed Sally to move forward with confidence, be more congruent and at peace with herself and others, appreciate her achievements and I believe ultimately will become even more successful. Here’s the thing, when reading Sally’s story did anything resonate with you? Did you have a sense of affiliation with Sally, maybe you were nodding along or thinking ‘that’s me’! If so, trust me you are not alone, we all have unresolved blocks and running unhelpful, unresourceful or even damaging programs. As soon as you identify them, become aware of your program, you will experience the liberation of not having to ‘be someone’ other than who you truly are anymore. As always, if you want to experience this kind of freedom, reach out. You don’t have to do it alone. Take care and will be with you again next week. Love Manna

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