Are you the reader or an author of your life?

Last August whilst I was spending time in an Ashram, we were hit with the task to do a talent show. It was unexpected so no one had time to create something new. So, they had to rely on what they were good at and perform what they knew at such short notice.

It was a brilliant night with some of the most amazing performances. I could be nothing but a spectator in awe.

Everyone brought their talents of the past (relative context) to the forefront and I couldn’t stop wondering if that night is the moment of epiphany frozen in time.

Is everybody the same? Are we all born equal?

Absolutely NOT though we are living, breathing organisms.

On that night, everybody showcased their bio memories of their past and created a future that I am sharing with you today.

Can I fight for not being who they were that night?

Or is it wise to accept that they brought their past as I did mine and we do not have to be equal?

This is the conversation with my students last weekend and I thought of sharing it with you.

You and I are born with bio-memories, memories of our parents, ancestors and their experiences in our cells.

As much as I love to believe our souls made those decisions and chose this life journey, this appears to be an unspoken justification to our existence and an answer to our “Why & How” questions by assuming we as souls had a choice.

What if there is no choice after all and it is merely an accident?

Is it our inability to accept that we cling to the concepts of past and future lives or is it our need to create continuity and consistency?

How about accepting we are not born equal because we carry different memories?

But we can change that today with free will and consistent conscious choices.

Love to know your thoughts.


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