How to free yourself from negative emotions FOREVER?

Hi There,

Quite often my clients ask me, “Manna how can I stop feeling this way for good?”

Interestingly, EMPR students ask me the exact same question. “How can we give lasting results to our clients?”

After processing this thought and running a series of algorithms in my mind and negating my own conclusions a thousand times, I finally arrived at this conclusion.

And… It’s actually quite simple.

Here it is, but I’m not sure you’re ready for it..

How much you digest, understand or accept the solution depends on how evolved you are and how deep you can dive into yourself.

It may bring up a huge resistance or a strong repulsion through its simplicity but the best solutions are always the simplest. Right?

Here it is..

Live free of your dislike AND your likes!

Too simple, absolutely!

Too hard – absolutely!!

Now we are all happy to get rid of our dislikes, but what about our ‘likes’ and why is it just as important to do so?

We all have families, children, hopes, aspirations, dreams, world-saving initiatives and causes to fight for, it is a BIG ask.

Then is it even possible?

So, what’s the solution?

If you really want to know….

Keep your likes and dislikes but do not make them symbols of success or identity.

Now you must be thinking, Manna, what do you even mean?

The list can go something like this..

I ‘like’ to be seen as a good mum – but I’m not attached to it.

I’d like to be rich –  but if I am not, I won’t let that fear of failure stop me from trying

I’d like to be a successful entrepreneur. But if that doesn’t materialise,, I can still live a successful life..

I dislike being disorganised – I won’t let disorganisation disturb my peace.

Do you get the idea?

The good news is you have two choices.

1. Stop having likes and dislikes.


2. Stop ‘identifying’ with your likes and dislikes.

The choice is yours….

Love to know your thoughts and please share them with me.



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