Are you Selfish or Self Centered?

I was immensely happy watching the shifts and knowing 5 amazing coaches manifested their dream on Friday on the listening post special.

And just not that, so many people attended the event online from different parts of the world just to be there,  to support and to encourage.

That was Blissful and I was shedding happy tears.

Curious to see what is in store for these 12 amazing human beings and I am sure they are destined for greater things in life.

However, I couldn’t stop wondering ” Am I Selfish or Self Centered?”

There comes a point in life when you dont find meaning and purpose. Working just for you and your family becomes pointless.

Help is a word that starts sounding very egoistic.

If you reach that point, you should strive to  find something that you enjoy and can forget yourself, forget the norms and live being you.

You no longer desire to help. And “Help” becomes the outcome of what you enjoy doing.That happened to me and is happening to me.

I realised that my true happiness is in seeing others to grow and succeed. I thrive exploring the existence,  thought and energy. And you may thrive doing something else!!

So really, Am I helping anybody? Am I Selfish or Self Centered?

Please realise being self centered is the most selfless act that you can ever do and you will empower many around you just by working on yourself and being YOU.

Now, Are you selfish or self centered? What do you think you are?

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