What Are The 3 Types Of Trauma

What Are The 3 Types Of Trauma?

If you are a practitioner, coach or therapist working in the field of trauma and if you are driven to understand how to help your clients better with depth and meaning, this is for you.

I teach time paradox to my EMPR students and it is real.

It guides the journey of an individual suffering from PTSD or triggers, be it for a month, a year or a decade.

Many people ask what are the 3 types 0f trauma and here we are going to discuss them.

It is not complex, major and minor as it is widely known worldwide.

What Are The 3 Types Of Trauma?


Type 1: The trauma that an individual experiences or is passed on from birth such as generational or ancestral, and the memory of it is held in the body, mind and energy field.

Type 2: The trauma that an individual continuously creates thinking and ruminating about the past with regret and sadness and creates layers of memories leading to depression.

Type 3: The trauma that an individual believes is keeping them stuck in the past and is battling with the fear of the unknown, not allowing them to move forward which causes Anxiety, Panic attacks, ADHD, or Frustration.

All the above 3 types of trauma are followed by different symptoms, both physical and mental.

  • What are those symptoms?
  • How to read and decipher those symptoms so you can address them straight away instead of spending months and months?
  • What is a time paradox?

I will talk more about it in depth in the upcoming workshop.

Love & Healing,


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