Are You in The Same Boat as Beck? Pride or Compassion or Hurt

Are you a compassionate human?

If you said yes, my next question to you…

Are you compassionate towards yourself?

Quite often, people who identify themselves as compassionate people are proud people…

If your answer to my second question is No.. then you are also in that category of pride.

That must have startled you.. ‼️

This is also the usual mistake committed by many therapists, practitioners or coaches.

Let me explain.. this is a deeper mental pattern to observe and understand.

Pride is often the symptom of deep hurt.. and is a source to draw significance and validation either from yourself or others.

Beck, one of my clients is very compassionate and is a therapist herself. She considers herself an empath and is very particular to shield or anchor herself away from other’s energies.

And she also constantly worries why everyone else is not so kind and considerate!!

But why does she have to shield or anchor?

Because she believes she is an empath and being sensitive to others needs and energies is her label and meaning of connection and understanding.

This does not stop there.

Deep inside, she was hurt in the past because she didn’t receive that love or validation. So, she chose her identity to be an empath and a mission to be compassionate to others. So are her values that led her to be who she is today.

Now the question is: Is Beck compassionate or proud or reacting to past hurts and deciding not to do something to others that was done to her?

This is a tricky one and needs a little more attention and reflection.

Can you now see that It is a decision that Beck took in the past and never bothered to revisit and review.

It’s your constant illusionary communication to yourself that you are caring, understanding and compassionate because that is your assumed identity that you created to feel worthy and valued.

And when that assumed identity is no longer giving you the same result, your mind is now confused and feeds you exactly the opposite of what you are trying to achieve with that behaviour.

This does not have to arise necessarily from traumatic events.. it can even stem from very ordinary experiences of life.

But many choose to stay stuck in that pride and separate themselves from the world as weird ones or different ones from the “normal” people and choose to stay victims of their own illusionary pride than busting it and choosing a different path…

If you are feeling something similar… stop and start making Consistent Conscious Choices and learn How to practice Continuous Self Enquiry..

Be kind to your mind!!

Manna ❤️

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