Keep or throw? What Are You Addicted to?

Keep or Throw?

Have you ever played that game?

This is that time of the year where summer 👗wear takes a back seat and winter ❄️ 🧣wear finds its way out in Australia…

Last week, I took all the summer wear out and played this game…

Keep 📚or Throw 🪃

The decision is in seconds and the key is not to think for more than a second.. and act on the first instinct..✨🔮🪄 before your logic kicks in..

I decluttered my entire wardrobe and I was left with 1 bag of summer wear for next summer and 1 bag of winter wear ready to go…

Deeply detoxifying 🧘🛀 and therapeutic.

But why do we clutter in the first place?

The answer is simple…


Yes.. you read that right.

Addiction to an emotion, the comfort of knowing or the fear of what ifs??  or memory of someone or nostalgia of the past that we do not want to let go..

Two days ago, I evaluated all the situations in my life… played this game again in my head.. keep or throw… chucked what is not required and in fact… nothing to keep 🙏

And this morning, I played the same game in relation to business.

Ideas, projects, thoughts, plans, products & services… result is amazing…

The message is crystal clear ..

Periodically… take stock of things, habits, people, emotions and situations.

Make a conscious choice and take a decision to Keep or Throw…

Life is Simple and it does not have to be so complicated …

It’s the clutter that keeps you in the loop of indecisiveness and a stuck state.

Enjoy your instinct for better or worse. it’s much more accurate than your logic of convenience.

Please do not mistake instinct as being impulsive, it is the inner knowing waiting to be heard but you keep ignoring.

Takes some courage to act on your instincts.

Let me know how you go with it.

Love 🙏


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