Notes From this Morning’s Session on Sexual Abuse

Today I talked about sexual abuse and how the experience manifests as affairs, addictions, phobias, gender issues, self-worth challenges and diseases – physical & mental.

The socially accepted challenges of the inability to say “No”, people pleasing, and fear of failure can have their roots in abuse too.

It equally affects the person who experienced it, who witnessed it as a first responder or as a family member/parent of the person who had to experience abuse.

It’s not the act itself that can be traumatic, even the thought or fear of something unexpected happening can be traumatic and creates the same response in the body and mind.

If you are experiencing intimacy issues, trust issues or body image issues or holding strong opinions against any gender and if you experienced sexual abuse- either contact or no contact abuse, please reach out for help to resolve your own trauma first instead of couples therapy or couples counselling.

Next month 07 June, Wednesday 07 AM ACDT, I am addressing Addictions and their impact, via Zoom on Let’s Talk Trauma.



PS: I am aware most of you have requested the video or replay. But I do not record these sessions for your privacy and confidentiality.

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