Saucha – What do you have to let go off to be happy..

Hi There,

Hello from Kerala, a beautiful southern state in India called “Gods Own Country” because of its lush green landscape.

Today, I am starting a new life of observance and silence for the next 30 days.

As I begin this journey, I decluttered myself of all material things as I mentioned to you last week and this trip to India is to be complete with everything that is unfinished.

You would often hear me saying that to heal trauma, the healer should be a clean conduit with no filters and judgements.

But how can one be so clean?

The memories we carry are countless. However, our pursuit is to be as clean as we can be, to enable quicker healing for others.

And hence my intention behind this journey- to imbibe the eight principles of yoga into my daily life and stay true to each of those principles.

In fact, cleanliness also known as “Saucha” is one of the first principles of yoga even before one aims to practice asanas, and that doesn’t just mean physical cleanliness.

The habits we pick up throughout life may or may not serve us, and the idea of this practice is to recognise what doesn’t help us and what does. And coming towards a state in which everything we do is no longer a “doing” and it is  “just being more awake and aware” in life.

If we take our ‘bad’ habits into this moment with us, then it becomes a lot harder. We have to sift through the ‘impurities’ or negativity we’ve picked up before.

Our body and mind has to detoxify and digest the impurities before being able to absorb the goodness.  If we ourselves are ‘impure’ , then our efforts have to work through our ‘impurities’ before eventually, the real magic happens.

Don’t get carried away by the word impurity because it is taken as is from “eight limbs of yoga”.

By impurities, we’re not just talking about physical aspects. Saucha means cleanliness of body, mind, spirit and surroundings, all helping to direct us towards a pure and positive life.

If you are wondering, “I did so much work on myself for many years and still carry these negative emotions” or if you are on the verge of giving up hope in your self awareness journey, I truly hope this sheds some light and motivates you to stay clean.

I will share my journey with you as I move forward and if you have any questions or insights, please feel free to share.

Stay Clean and Stay True to Your Self.

Love n Healing

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