Devotion – How to be truly selfless


Hi There,

Wow what a week..

As you will be aware I am spending the next 30 days in an Ashram in South India.

Interestingly, my very first days brought many profound realisation and understandings.

One of the biggest was that devotion is not a bad thing after all..

Let me explain..

Rituals and prayers in the last few days invoked this innate happiness where-in you just surrender and experience no time and space to a place where there is no YOU.

Perhaps this is the easiest way to truly forget ‘self’ and the simplest way to immerse fully into something irrespective of any relevance and purpose whatsoever..

Why do we worry that we are not good enough?

Is it because we are self-centred while we claim otherwise or is it because we do not really give selflessly without expectations?

Something to ponder this weekend..

Can you only find selflessness in devotion?

I’d love to know your thoughts.


Love n Healing

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