Do your thoughts dictate your future?


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In India, religion plays a huge role in everyday life, from getting up, clothing, and rituals to celebrations and festivals.

Spirituality is a way of life.

Growing up there, I remember clearly from the moment you opened your eyes in the morning to the moment you closed them in the evening, that spirituality was present in one way or another.

Moving away from India, I moved away from religion, preferring science, logic, philosophy and even stoicism.

In fact, one of my favourite sayings is “As body, mind or soul, you are a dream: you really are Being, Consciousness and Bliss. You are the God of this universe.”

Are we just projections and programs from our past?

The decisions we make may seem random but they are actually going through a myriad of filters determined by your experiences both good and bad.

As I continue to deepen my understanding of the mind, I  realise that to hold such rigid thought patterns creates its own belief systems and patterns of behaviour.

Every experience creates decisions to either be something or not to be something. For the world to see us as something or we don’t want to be seen as something.

We accept or reject new information and new ideas on whether they are congruent or violate the person we are trying to present to the world.

These decisions dictate who we are today, AND who we will be in the future.Are rituals just patterns of behaviour or do they serve the purpose of being purposeless at that moment, an escape if you will, from the choices and decisions you have made?OR, do they serve a bigger purpose?Love and healing


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