How attachments are the key to growth..


Hi There,

The last few weeks I have been purifying and testing myself in all three dimensions..body, mind and soul

It’s the true test for attachments and expectations indeed!!

Attachments manifest not just through relationships and words. But is also expressed through the need for hygiene, dry climate, wet climate, no plastic, environment-friendly and organic products, doing what we love and so on…

By no means, I am questioning any of them except asking you to observe what lies beneath those quality controls and what are you attached to!!

What if everything is duty and we do it selflessly anyway without controlling the outcomes.. or expecting the rewards?

Will you still be attached and will you still be clinging to how you want things to happen?

Or, will you be more open to the stillness you experience by just being?

Sending you loads of love from the beautiful Ashram which I am now calling home..

Sivananda Ashram Neyyardam Kerala

Love n healing


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