A flight to nowhere…

Hi There,

As I am writing this to you, I am flying at an altitude of 12,197 meters.

I have no control whatsoever and I am truly in the hands of hope and the unknown.

Like any other journey, this was very insightful.

It’s the preparation for the journey that was so reflective and made me question every ounce of permanence that we seek in this lifetime.

I decluttered every little thing that I don’t need or want and decided to travel light with 10 kg luggage. That’s all I really need.

Ironically, I thought of 20 Lts Olive Oil can in my garage which I bought directly from a farmer just a few weeks ago.

Strangely enough, as we plan and prepare for the future, I believe it’s important not to attach ourselves too much to it.

While I am deeply aware this journey is a new beginning for me, every conversation and every goodbye, phone call and meeting made me question:

 “What if this is the last ever conversation with this person in this lifetime?”

“What if this is the last wish that I am fulfilling for them and for myself?”

And honestly, I lived fully and truly in the moment as if there is no tomorrow.

And I always believe one should leave the place a little better than it was and I ensured my home is clean and the stage is set for another life to begin. That can be me too when I come back.

Should we physically die to live in this moment?

Should we physically leave this place forever to fulfil ours/others’ wishes as if it’s the last wish?

Where do I belong right now as I am flying at this altitude?

Maybe we need to die to live and not allow our beginnings, to define the ending!!





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