How to Maintain your Peace Amidst Chaos?

Hi There,

Last night was the monthly catchup on the spiritual conversations platform – NIJA.

You get to meet some of the best people here with so much awareness.

The topic discussed was how to maintain your peace and do something about the chaos that’s happening in the world right now?

Some of the challenges discussed were the distractions that disturb your peace listening to the news or scrolling through the social media.

It is only human to feel for those who are suffering. But can we really do something about it?

I was thinking about this for past few weeks about this imbalance.

Can we claim it all under Karma and do nothing about it?

And here is my reflection.

There are two ways to look at it.

Do something about it NOW

Do something for the long term and the generations to come.

If you choose option 1, yes do something about it. Voice it and speak about it if you think that’s going to make a difference.

But we know its hard to control a raging bull.So better be pro-active.

And if you choose Option 2, which is a long term vision.

You have to start NOW. But How?

Start Breathing today!!

As ridiculous as it sounds, that’s the least you can do to truly live up to your compassion and empathy.

Hear me now..

Why to walk around the home to turn off all the switches when you can control it all from one place?

You and I are the energy emitters imprisoned in this physical body and the surest way to transcend this physical consciousness is through breath.

The least we can do is to choose to become this energy transmitters and when someone steps into this space while we are alive or after us, they have this access to this energy that we created which will shorten their journey through Karma that they have accumulated.

Very similar to planting a sapling today for the generations ahead to enjoy it and knowing we may not be alive to see that.

Memories can be inherited and also modified or transferred in this life time.

So is karma and with us building our energy bank through breath, we pave the path for a peaceful future.

This transference and salvation was demonstrated by many saints including Jesus, Buddha, Sri Yukteshwar, Lahiri Mahasaya and so on…

We may not be those saints yet, but we have that same divine consciousness within each of us waiting to be explored and released for the benefit of humanity.

So breath is not just for mindfulness. When we extend our boundaries beyond me, mine and my family and can truly experience the oneness, we step out of our mental and physical lethargy.

“I am not good enough”, “I am feeling stuck” statements naturally disappear because it’s no longer about you. It’s about all of us.

Your purpose is right in front of you. It is calling you and this is something you can do in just three steps.

1.Set a time for breathing and sit in silence everyday

2.Master your breath before your master meditation

3.Repeat it every day, one day at a time thinking of the energy bank and millions that will benefit including yourself, in the coming months and years.

Don’t know how to start?

Join me in my daily practice or create your own circle with this profound purpose as your vision.

And if you like to join monthly spiritual conversations through NIJA-Innate Truth, reach out to me HERE


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