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Silence is the space where your mind & body heals and rejuvenates.

However, many of us fear that silence and spend a life time avoiding silence.

As a result, the same silence becomes a punishment in the form of isolation and loneliness when life is going through a rough patch.

Interestingly it is strong minded people who isolate themselves. So if you are strong minded or you built your life all by yourself.. this is for you🙏

Do you have enough emotional support?

I see this happening so often that many men and women who are in the peak of their careers or busy with their families, tend to isolate themselves in times of distress, while they are quite active in social networks and gatherings in their good times.

While we build our careers and social profiles so strong, it is important to build networks where you can be vulnerable and honest without the need to be seen or perceived as a strong or intelligent person.

It is imperative to form or belong to such groups or a close circle where you can be honest without masks and draw your emotional support without ego, social comparisons or pride.

“Make hay while the sun shines” and build your support system besides your family in your good times.

That’s your asset for life.

It is only natural that relationships keep drifting and shifting. When You make something or someone your world and when that one person or one thing is lost, it is not easy for your mind and body to deal with the loss and reach out to strangers for help. This will extend your grieving period and can manifest as physical or mental ailments.

⚡️One strategy for life: Do not put all eggs in one basket.

Build circles to share, to receive, to inspire and be inspired.

One person or a group cannot cater to all your rapid evolving emotional needs. And when you find one, nurture that relationship and hold it precious.


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