Why do you manifest physical diseases?

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Two weeks ago, I talked about how disease begins in the mind and I left you with a question where is the mind?

Today I will share with you how physical diseases have their roots in the attachments and aversions that you hold through these 3 case studies:

A. Years ago, one of my clients referred her friend Lisa, to see me for Chronic Fatigue.

To give you a bit of background, Lisa was a highly paid professional who won many international awards and she carved out a niche for herself and sought out for her expertise.

However, she suddenly fell sick and it manifested as chronic fatigue. Obvious reasons for her chronic fatigue was stress and burn out. She couldn’t function in her daily life after months of chronic fatigue.

She left her job and started living a quiet life to beat the stress and chronic fatigue.

But nothing changed.

B. Another client Laura, who is a wellness practitioner suffering with sciatica for months and could barely function.

C. Another client Greg who is an entrepreneur, suffered from stomach disorders for years and doctors could neither identify any reasons nor any solutions.

The common thread in these three case studies :

They could not ask for love or help and they feared the unknown, so they decided to create a disease in their bodies. That was their disguise to take rest, ask for help and ask for love & attention.

Sounds counter productive but it’s their reality.

Once they realised the reasons behind their physical diseases that were crippling them for months and years, Lisa, Laura & Greg are leading their normal lives with the courage to face the future, ask for love and ask for help.

Where are their minds then?

One person’s mind is his stomach, another her back and another her whole body.

Mind as we usually imagine in the head is a myth. Mind is where you focus and accumulate your attention.

Quite often, we think we are helpless but the truth is you are much more than you body, mind and energy, if you are open to that possibility.

If you are feeling stuck and manifesting physical diseases, it is worth taking a look at your mental programs and fabrications.

Should you want to catch up for an assessment? At least you will know where you are and the immediate steps that you can take to come out of this stuck state.




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