Can we alleviate suffering? Start with this…

Hi There,

If you read my blog on ” How to maintain your peace amidst chaos”, you should have now known that the purpose is glaringly staring at you to be taken and pursued.

It is not enough we speak about compassion and empathy. We must do something about it and transcend beyond materiality.

Easy way to start – BREATHE

Why should I breathe?

To live

To oxygenate your body

To activate your energy centres

To heal yourself emotionally, physically and mentally

To build mindfulness and peace within

To meditate in its true spirit

To learn how to stop and control breathing

To transcend gross body consciousness and access subtle realms

To pave the peaceful path for future generations

To give others who step into your space, access to the pious energy bank and memories that you built in your lifetime

To help alleviate suffering through your vibration that you created, in your lifetime and thereafter.

How should I breathe?

Through your nose and not through your mouth

How often should I breathe?

Real answer Always!! but begin with 10 minutes of conscious breathing and develop this habit.


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