Purpose of Life? This is what happened last week..

Last week was momentous with the 4 day personal evolution retreat and the annual catchup on Sunday, followed by my birthday on Tuesday.

Here is the summarised version for you..

We often tend to believe that personal development and self awareness is very new age. But this is all laid out since ages through religion, and the ancient wisdom always talked about it through scriptures, philosophies, 8 limbs of yoga, kabala, theosophy and so on..

On the retreat, we explored the 4 states of consciousness which are Subconscious, Conscious, Super Conscious and Cosmic Conscious states, and how to access each of those states by focussing on your three bodies.

We also explored the 8 limbs of yoga from a practical perspective including a simple process of how to withdraw life force to set yourself up for concentration, which is the step prior to accessing meditative state.

If you follow this process, you will naturally fall into the meditative state without trying or controlling your mind or thoughts.

I will share in detail about this discussion if you are interested, which will explain why many people cannot meditate though they want to or why they are still anxious or worried inspite of years of meditation.

To wrap it all, if you had enough of chasing the material stuff, it is only natural to start questioning the purpose of life. What remains is your duty to other beings which you make it possible through your pursuit of self realisation with unbiased introspection and impartial self enquiry.


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