How to live a motivated and meaningful life without purpose


Now that I made space by letting go of things that I consciously didn’t accumulate, I started to think how consciously can I now fill that space.

“So now what? Where do I go from here? Is there a purpose? What motivates me?”

And when you ask the right question, answers will appear and it happened through one of my clients last week.

Meryl is 45 and single, questioning her identity as mum and a strong, independent


Kids left home and all of a sudden, she lost her purpose, motivation and direction.

Her job does not attract her anymore because she suddenly realised that was only

a means to an end but never was her passion.

And an hour long conversation led to this epiphany.

Society created structure and a system to lead the human mind through different

phases of life without boredom.

We all boarded that bandwagon.

But if you are an out of box thinker, you will question that system at some point

when your so called purpose or identity is lost.

Now, let’s talk about purpose.

When you are in this position questioning what’s next, the answer lies in making

choices instead of questioning the purpose.

Choosing to do what you love to do gives you purpose.

Purpose is not out there and perhaps you may never find your why.

Doesn’t matter.

Your purpose will evolve from the things that you love to do than being imposed

upon you.

And when you get bored of this choice, you make another choice and another

purpose will evolve.

Ask yourself these two questions now.

  1. What do I love to do?
  2. Am I doing what I love to do?

Next week, we will discuss and explore if it is necessary to choose something you

love to do or can you still choose to do something as a matter of duty or a


What role will your expectations play in that choice?

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