Duty without Expectations Ego and Attachments


I was watching the disney movie “Soul” on the weekend and Joe Gardner says “Your passion is your purpose”.

Does that imply your purpose is in pursuing what you love to do?

Another client of mine who is a scientist and an inventor is so passionate about inventing new machinery based on the latest technology.

He shares his intellect for free to major corporates around the world for no consideration.

When I asked him why, his response startled me.

He said, “I am not attached to my inventions and neither I have expectations. Mere knowledge that my invention helped someone in the world gives me happiness”.

My next question should be obvious to you by now!!

“What about monetary consideration? It is unfair that you don’t get a share or get  paid for it”

And then he quotes karma yoga “ One should act selflessly and without being  attached to the fruits or personal consequences”

And he believes, that state of mind will take care of his life and his family’s.

And here are the 4 principles of karma yoga :

  1. Do your duty ( Either given to you or by choice)
  2. Without ego
  3. Without attachment and
  4. Without expectations to get something back.

By no means, I am suggesting, one should work for free. That is a different state of

mind and is an evolved mind.

But my question to you. Should you have a purpose to do something really well?

Should you be really passionate about what you do? Is it not enough to make a choice and live a meaningful life?

“When you are passionate about something, go for it.

When you run out of things that you are passionate about, make choices”

We will explore how duty and passion can help improve personal and professional life including relationships

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