Are your needs met in your relationship?


Most people start yet fail in the business because of not knowing how to think like an entrepreneur.

Interestingly, relationships also fail for the same reason. Not knowing how to think like an entrepreneur.

I know you must be thinking “ This is weird” but trust me, this is true.

When one or both the partners start to take each other for granted or stop working on themselves, that’s precisely when a relationship begins to break down.

A business fails:

  • When you are complacent with yourself or your clients.
  • When you stop meeting your clients’ needs
  • When your clients’ needs changed from what they originally wanted and you can no longer meet that need
  • When your business goals have changed and therefore your target client

Now apply this to your relationships.

Interestingly, there are many couples out there who took a collective decision to meet their physical and emotional needs outside the relationship and decided to stay together for kids and society or because of their own insecurities and conditioning.

And the question that you have to ask yourself – ” What is it that is keeping us together in

this relationship?”

The crucial question is not what brings you together, it is what keeps you together?

Can you still be emotionally intimate when you are seeing someone outside the relationship because you mutually decided to do so?

Can you fully enjoy physical intimacy when your emotional needs are met outside the relationship?

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