WOW,,, What an unbelievable week!!

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This week is momentous.

As we reflected upon the journey, the last two years have been tough for many of us with COVID, Fires, Floods and even War.

Yet it is so inspiring to acknowledge the courage and perseverance of these amazing people in these tough times, to shift from 9-5 and  grow their wellness practices and coaching businesses.

We are extremely proud to be able to help them achieve their dream to become an entrepreneur and live a lifestyle aligned to their values.

Every disaster is always followed by opportunities and it is about turning the tide in one’s favour.

In 2020, Peter, Andy & I put together our strengths and decided to help the SkillfulMIND meditation leaders pivot their businesses online and, a seed was sown.

This week, we announced the 2021 wellness impact awards (06 April 2022,Thursday) acknowledging the triumph over trepidation of these awesome humans, in these uncertain times, and it is such an honour.

Please join me in congratulating all the winners and the nominees.

Their journeys are an inspiration for others who are on a similar journey.

Award Recipients:

SkillfulMind Meditation Leaders

🏆Innovation Award – Dean Hollands

🏆Community Award –  Bron Robert

🏆Meditation Leader of the Year – Toni Stevens.

Freedom Coaches Academy

🥇Innovation Award – Monique Hill

🥇Community Award – Natasha Mansell

🥇Entrepreneur of the Year Award – Meagan Shand

Nominees :

  • Stacey Wallace
  • Leyla Bate
  • Skye Akasa
  • Ella Lopresti
  • Niomi Reardon
  • Elizabeth Glover
  • Jacqueline Mitrovic
  • Mandy Lyons
  • Fran Tomlin
  • Queenie Tsoi
  • Lena Lekkas
  • Sue Bromley
  • Patrizia Pisano
  • Cameron Abraham
  • Chaithu Gunapali
  • Rubina Singhranawatsandalthakur Ykkir

What you do is amazing and is an enormous contribution in the space of mental health which is so needed right now in the world.

Be inspired and be an inspiration.



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Everything you need to know from universal consciousness to individual consciousness, ancient wisdom of body & mind including chakras and philosophy of Yoga and how you can grow towards stillness/samadhi combined with modern science.

A holistic understanding of ego, consciousness, intellect , mind and human existence and understanding you are nothing and everything at the same time.

A tool that every individual must have to understand people, family and friends to have meaningful relationships and peaceful lives.

If you are after giving lasting results to your clients as a coach, you need to understand and live a life of observer.

But how can you do that unless you unbecome who you became?

Being and unbecoming is healing.

Awareness and Observation is healing

Don’t try. Don’t push .

If this sounds interesting or resonates with you,

Register Here for this free workshop on 21 April Thursday 06.30 PM ACDT via Zoom where I will show you how we complicate the most simplest aspects of life.

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