Why you don’t lose weight?

One of the interesting questions I received this week was “Is it this hard to be a better person? Is there any other simpler way to be a good human?”

That got me thinking. Is this really a process to be a better person or is it similar to the process of shedding weight?

We knowingly or unknowingly choose to feed junk to our bodies and minds besides lack of movement, but we notice the discomfort when it is accumulated and stopping you to function. Some of us choose to do something about that and some of us don’t.

I myself am going through the process of shedding weight and I realised how perceptions, experiences shaped my world and led me to decide where and how I am today. Some of those decisions were conscious and some of them unconscious.

And it is really not about shedding weight and becoming lean. It is about shedding of unwanted decisions, choices and identities.

And this journey took me to those places which I never explored before.

Finally, I realised that the weight I am hanging onto is the subtle weight of decisions, choices and identities that served their purpose in the past and no longer required. But I never stopped to declutter and discard.

So the question is not about how hard or easy it is to be a better person. It is about becoming aware of  the clutter which was once useful and choosing to throw away what’s not required any more.

What identity, decision and choice will you choose to throw away now, to start afresh?

What perceptions and meanings should you change to work in your favour?

And how can you do that?

The only tool you have is Observation and Awareness.. to not fall into the abyss.

This is the key to understand trauma/anxiety/depression/grief or anything that is stopping you or keeping you stuck..



“Experience leads to knowledge/memory
Knowledge/Memory leads to Thoughts
Thoughts lead to Emotions
Emotions lead to your identity”

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