If you are not feeling valued at home or work, here’s why..👇



Hi there,

Today I will address the reasons behind why you are not recognised in your work place or family.

Here are the classic 4 reasons

1. Your values are different or must have shifted from what they used to be.

2. You believe in hard work and you work hard expecting others to recognise you.

3. You are afraid to ask and get noticed for the fear of not being good enough or being disliked for being selfish OR

4. You believe that being noticed is sure way to success.

Which one of the above applies to you?

I was talking to Clare, quiet but intelligent, efficient and hardworking professional. She cannot seem to get the promotion or pay rise in spite of working 12-14 hrs a day for three years.

Another client, who is an overachiever and very smart finds himself in the same boat too for last five years.

What do you think is going wrong here?

Let me take you behind the scenes..

Clare was a good child who was given everything she needed according to her parents and her “asking” for something specific disturbed her parents.

So Clare believed asking is bad and selfish because her parents always knew better.

My other client, Brad was coached by his dad to stand out from the crowd and therefore he performed exceedingly well to standout for his dad and his validation.

When he turned 18, he realised he does not have to work for validation but subconsciously over performance didn’t leave him.

Now, I am not here to say if Clare’s parents or Brad’s dad were right or wrong.

I am here to simply point in the direction of how we form our values that become our roadblocks.

Think about it and observe what outdated values are you carrying with you that you can shed and be free.

If you are not recognised at work or in your family, not supported by your partner or kids- STOP and ASK what value am I carrying with me that is no longer relevant for me today?

Spend that time in self-enquiry and observation.

Let me know what comes up for you if you like to share.


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Don’t try. Don’t push .

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