Irrelevance of being relevant – Here’s four case studies on..

Hi there,

This last week I had 4 different conversations on being needed and relevant.

A young Mum whose child just started walking was in tears because she suddenly felt she is not needed by her child.

Another woman in her 40s felt she is not needed and relevant because she had to leave her job.

Yet another woman in her 50s felt she is not needed by her kids and grand children.

And another woman in seventies felt she is not needed and relevant because she has to depend on others.

What do you think is the common thread?

Those precise moments are stuck states and fertile points for them to be the victims of past experiences and memories.

However, in reality. It’s just another point of transition from one phase to another and the time it takes to adjust to the new norm.

However, we form identities so quick and assume longevity and continuity. The solution is in finding and maintaining an identity of your own which is separate from all the external dependencies.

Build your own life and a separate identity no matter how busy you are working, taking care of family and kids or even doing business.

We continue to blame the EGO but the truth is ego is never the problem, if we can consciously perceive this moment as it is.

Your attachment is not an issue.

We somehow started blaming the past for negative emotions and we chose to be the victims of the past experiences.

The good news is you can change your story right NOW if you decide to – PERIOD.

My challenge for you this week is to reflect on this question:

Who are you when no one needs you?

PS: The 08th of March is International Women’s Day 2022 and I am pleased to be speaking at a women in science and education conference in Paris.

I will share with you the details of the topic in next newsletter.



“27 Dimensions of Being” 

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A holistic understanding of ego, consciousness, intellect , mind and human existence and understanding you are nothing and everything at the same time.

A tool that every individual must have to understand people, family and friends to have meaningful relationships and peaceful lives.

If you are after giving lasting results to your clients as a coach, you need to understand and live a life of observer.

But how can you do that unless you unbecome who you became?

Being and unbecoming is healing.

Awareness and Observation is healing

Don’t try. Don’t push .

If this sounds interesting or resonates with you,

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