Are you Ignoring God's Warning Signs?

Are you Ignoring God’s Warning Signs?

Abuse – How do you define it?

Do you even know you are being abused?

Just came out from the session and thought I have to share this with you..

Abuse is the conflict arising out of a perceived idea of independence and maturity.

Is independence wrongly perceived as perseverance and getting society to validate you for being a strong person in spite of tough times, remaining silent in spite of the pain you suffer?

Are you Ignoring God’s Warning Signs?


Talking to Lia (name changed), she said her partner takes care of all the bills and only challenge is when she takes her own decisions, he gets very upset and she is afraid to ask him for anything.

But Lia is an efficient woman earning her money.. so she should be financially independent..  logically!!

Is she being abused?

According to Lia.. she is not abused.

This works another way around too..  another very efficient & independent woman who controls the relationship with intimacy and emotions..

Is her partner being abused?

He thinks it is her mental health.. and his duty as a husband is to be there for her.

Please do not ignore the early signs of abuse.. if you can call it out.. you will save years of agony and pain for yourself and others ..

Manna 🙏

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