Are you a doer or strategist?


Hi there,

If you even attended one business mentoring session of mine, you will instantly realise how important is a strategy to me.

Right from making your child eat veggies to listing a public company on NY stock exchange, it is all about strategy.

However, many blame it on hormones, emotions, intelligence or efficiency.

Truth is  – It is not.

If only you can step back just before that negative thought drags you down the deep dungeon, just before that colleague or a good friend’s remark tears you apart or just before that panic attack doubting whether people liked you or not wins over you.

When you are in a good mental state, set aside some time and have a chat with the things that weigh you down.

Be it IT or Social Media or Dinner plan for the week ahead..ensure you have Plan A and Plan B.

1. Make a list of things that weighs you down

2. See through it right through the end and after

3. List three things that will help you to move in a positive direction.

4. List three things that are stopping you.

5. List three actions that you are going to take so you can move forward.

6. Set intentions to go with the FLOW

Practice these 6 simple steps and soon you will find that strategy is your second nature.

Begin with small changes and things will shift.


Manna ❤️

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