Is it alright to wish you a happy Christmas?

Hello There,

I wish you, your family and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and years filled with inner peace ahead.

Years ago, I was asked not to wish Christmas, but instead wish happy holidays or Happy New Year so that it doesn’t sound religious.

And it was not uncommon then to hear people say “I am a spiritual fruit and not a religious nut”.

Quite often, we judge the book by its cover and the same applies to religion too.

It is easy to get carried away or vexed up by the rituals and traditions of the man-made religion while forgetting the real message of the ascended masters.

And Jesus Christ is no exception to it.

“Krishna, Buddha, Christ — they are all the ascended masters who had a very specific message to share about life, divinity and the holy trinity. Be it the father, son and spirit of Christianity or the gross, subtle and causal or the physical, astral and spiritual body concept of Sufism or yogic philosophy, or the theory of trikaya, or the three bodies of Buddha. the secret to your enlightenment is to transcend the physical consciousness and exchange with Christ or Buddha or Krishna consciousness”

That’s the end of suffering.

Your spiritual centres are in your spine and the brain and they are your surest pathways to enlightenment, bliss, inner peace or nirvana.

The business of thoughts or knowledge or pressure to still your mind will not get you there.

If you are too focused on mind, logic, knowing and intelligence to find the bliss or joy or God, it is now time to honor your physical body and its potential.

What if the Christmas star is not a star after all and what if it is your higher consciousness?

Let us begin by observing our attachments, likes and dislikes and let this Christmas be a new beginning with this awareness and oneness.


There is no more liberating action than sincerely to give people kindness in return for unkindness

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