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Identities and values are shaped by significant emotional experiences and leave an indelible mark on our whole being. Values that are still strong are the very things you still need to work on.


Are you feeling stuck or procrastinating or feeling like a fraud who might be found out at any moment?


Do people complain that you delay things while you are trying to do a perfect job?


Do you lack clarity in your personal life, career, relationships, health or business?


These are only symptoms of conflict and a stuck state. You may not know yet, but these can be your strengths. If you are ready to embrace a new identity shift and create a life aligned with your current identity & values let me help

“whether you realise it or not, every one of us is evolving at our own pace. Some are rapid and some are slow but change is always happening”

- Manna Abraham

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Intentional Living - The Solution

Coaching and mentoring will help you accelerate your evolution whether you are pursuing material goals, creating an impact or seeking spiritual growth.

NOW is the time to create who you want to be and experience real freedom.


So the key to breaking through your glass ceilings and fostering a life filled with meaning, purpose & impact is simple, but it’s not easy.


Through continuous self-inquiry, observation, inner silence, discipline and courage you will fully embody your personal growth journey, leading to a happier, healthier and more aligned life.

Your Guide: Manna Abraham

Traditional methods rigidly pigeonhole individuals into predefined personality labels, reductionist approach overlooks the fluidity of personal growth, impeding authentic self-discovery. By breaking free from rigid classifications, Manna fosters genuine self-expression and empowers individuals to navigate their unique journey of personal development. Acknowledging the pitfalls of conventional methods, Manna Abraham envisioned an inclusive approach, offering freedom for individuals to evolve without constraints.


Intentional Living emerged from Manna’s journey and corporate observations, labelling individuals based on static personality assessments. Manna envisioned a space where people could evolve without restrictive labels. Manna’s goal is to empower individuals to become leaders in their own lives, transcending societal notions of leadership. Through collective consciousness and egoless living, we aspire to impact lives one person at a time, creating a ripple effect that transforms families, generations, and society.

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