Personal Mastery

Create the life you want by living with Intention. The only way to build a purposeful life


Personal Mastery

Create the life you want by living with Intention. The only way to build a purposeful life


Live Aligned

What you will gain from the Personal Mastery events


Self Discipline &



Purposeful Living

& Inner-Serenity


Community &


Build an Intentional Life

Imagine a life full of purpose, joy, and alignment, live a life in harmony and resonance with your true self. At the heart of our journey is Manna’s unique program: “The 5 Aspects of Growth.” These five facets – body, breath, mind/emotions, bliss, and joy – are the pillars upon which we will build your understanding of intentional living.


We believe that true success doesn’t lie in arbitrary objectives but in crafting deliberate intentions that shape your every action, thought, and breath through deep exploration, holistic growth, practical tools and community and connection.


Be a part of something extraordinary, something that has the power to reshape your life in ways you’ve never imagined. Get ready to ignite your intentions and embrace a life of true success. Together, we’ll walk the path of intentional living.

Live an Intentional life

“Self-discipline forms the bedrock of unshakable self-esteem, while the art of stillness unveils the doorway to harnessing life’s subtle currents, revealing the profound beauty of our existence – an intimate fusion with the very essence of ‘It’. Conscious mastery leads to true freedom.


Your journey begins with mastering internal and external distractions that vie for your attention. The key to unlocking thoughts and emotions lies in the alignment of mind, body, and energy.


Every day, from Monday through Saturday, online for 45 minutes. Join me in a transformative daily ritual. Together, we’ll create daily habits and discipline, tackling anxiety, ceaseless busyness, persistent worry, and crippling fear.

Daily Actions & Accountability

“It’s not enough to plan a month, year or a lifetime, true growth towards a purposeful life, lies in small tasks performed consistently.


This online group supports you to take the small steps required to achieve massive results. Combined with ‘Intentional Living’ and “Daily Practice this is the glue that ensures your personal and professional success.


Declare your intentions for the day, get support from the community to complete them and support other members to complete theirs in this incredible group. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Let’s Talk Trauma Recovery Sessions

Don’t be driven by a past assumed trauma Identity. Align with your true nature and build your life aligned.

Accelarate Life With Your Own Success Coach

Arrange a FREE introduction session and create a success roadmap specifically for you!

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