International Life Mentor & Coach, Trauma Recovery Specialist, Teacher, Philosopher, Speaker & Mental Architect,
Founder & Creator - The Emotion Memory Pattern Release (EMPR) Method and it's unique Framework - The 27 Dimensions of Being

Writer, Speaker, Teacher, Philosopher, Trauma-Informed Specialist & Mental Architect.
Founder of the EMPR Method,
Creator of the 27 Dimensions of Being

The Six Step Trauma Recovery Program


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Andrew Keating

Andrew specialises in providing results driven programs that cover everything from basic fundamentals to the very latest behavioural & influence skills and the latest in psychological profiling & neuro-linguistics. Creating a brand comes from your journey, that will attract the clients that want to work with you and you alone.

People buy into you, before they buy into what you do.

 There are literally millions of people doing exactly the same as you.

Standing out from all the noise on the internet is essential. Don’t be the world’s best kept secret!!

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Chaitanya (Chaithu)

With a Masters degree in business administration and working with multi national companies in the financial services world gave her solid foundation to specialise in areas that are important in both business and personal life such as Digital Marketing, Business Administration, Operations and Overcoming challenges in every walk of life.

Chaithu is a qualified NLP practitioner and aspiring EMPR practitioner, she discovered that lack of efficient support system leads to disconnect and feeling stuck for any individual at different stages of life.

Travelling inwards led her to find her anchor in creativity and mindfulness and her message is “No one should be deprived of support”.

Embrace a brighter future by connecting with a lifecoach who specializes in unlocking hidden potential. Let your dreams become a reality as you partner with her who genuinely cares about your success.

For a joyful and fulfilling life, “Get Coached”.


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Montu Abraham

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why don’t I do what I know is the right thing to do?”

Montu the exceptional guide and visionary who will lead you on an awe-inspiring journey of self-discovery and soul alignment.

He passionately encourages you to embark on your extraordinary life today and he is a peace warrior with a mission to empower individuals to  live lives that are truly fulfilling and purposeful. 

Montu’s background is a tapestry of adventure and multidisciplinary expertise, encompassing Business development, Agriculture & farming, Coaching, NLP & mentoring, Yoga & Taoism, EMPR, and a myriad of other skills that enrich his guidance.

“Genuine happiness and fulfilment flourish when we harmonize our lives with our core values and passions, revealing the essence of who we truly are.”
Are you ready to transform your life? Reach out.

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Mary Lathrop

Mary Lathrop is a dedicated trauma specialist with a passion for helping individuals overcome the impact of traumatic experiences and reconnect with their authentic selves. Drawing from her own personal journey of healing from childhood and young adulthood trauma, Mary has honed her expertise in trauma recovery.

Having worked in treatment centers for substance use disorders, mental health, massage therapy over 12 years, Mary understands the complex nature of trauma and approaches trauma healing holistically, considering the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and energy.

Mary’s practice is centered around the transformative EMPR Method (Emotion, Memory, Pattern, Release), which she not only implements with her clients but also lives by herself.

She is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment enabling her clients to release trauma without reliving it.

About Manna:

Manna Abraham, a true world visionary of personal growth and self-discovery. As a philosopher, mental architect, mindful entrepreneur, international life mentor & coach, trauma recovery specialist, speaker, and Founder of The Emotion Memory Pattern Release (EMPR) Method and the 27 Dimensions of Being, she has dedicated her life to guiding individuals towards their fullest potential.

She combines ancient wisdom and modern science to provide a comprehensive approach to personal growth that goes beyond the limitations of religion, spirituality, or philosophy.

A core belief is that ‘awareness’ is the key to alleviating suffering, negative emotions or a stuck state of the mind, body, and energy and addresses the modern world’s confusion of ‘consciousness’ through atomic-spirituality and neo-healing.

Manna promotes Consistent Conscious Choice and Continuous Self Enquiry as the magic keys to freeing an individual from attachments, expectations, judgements, and fears.

Her transformative EMPR program is a pioneering method that’s internationally recognised as a unique trauma-informed modality by the IICT and is practised in 35+ countries around the world. This method rapidly resolves trauma, PTSD triggers, anxiety, depression, nightmares and flashbacks.

Manna's extensive knowledge and experience in ancient philosophies like Yoga, Mudras and Ayurveda to the latest in neurosciences have guided her to create a library of holistic and wellness programs from the transformative EMPR Method to The Art of Self-Discovery, the 27 Dimensions of Being, and Personal Evolution Retreats, Manna's programs provide an elegantly simple way to gain a deeper understanding of oneself, others and expanding awareness of oneness.

Manna's commitment to helping others heal and grow has led her to create a range of resources, including the Let's Talk Trauma podcast, online group healing and trauma recovery coaching, and mentoring. Her programs offer a unique inside-out approach focused on
mindset and personal leadership and balancing the mind, body and energy fields.

Manna Abraham's unique journey from an aspiring young engineer to a successful chartered accountant, certified practising accountant to transforming herself into an international healer, trauma recovery therapist and life mentor is a testament to her commitment to helping others unlock their true potential to transform themselves too.

If you're ready to break free from the clutches of attachments, expectations, judgments, and fears and embark on a journey of personal evolution, Manna Abraham's programs are the perfect place to start.

Want to know which program is right for you?

Want to know which program is right for you?

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3.5 days of time away in a beautiful space.

  • What do we do on the retreat?
  •  Explore yourself in silence
  • Find who you are when doing nothing
  • Enquire into YOU and resolve any unresolved trauma or hurt or emotions that are holding you back
  • Perfect time to search, enquire, cleanse and unbecome
  • Experience the bliss of “Being”
  • Meditate with no intention and
  • Enjoy delicious food

A fresh start and a time to reset..
Come join me and give yourself this space and time… A journey into self with deep enquiry and observation.

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