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Trauma Healing & Recovery

Understand, Acknowledge & Release

Access training and resources on every facet of trauma and life, addressing topics such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, and feelings of inadequacy. Through gentle guidance and empathetic conversations, These workshops allow you to regain control over your life, make peace with your past, and embark on a journey towards an empowered future.

Personal Mastery

Intentional Living

“Where there is CLARITY, there is COURAGE” If you are feeling stuck or procrastinating or feeling like a fraud who can be found out anytime or people complain that you delay things while you are aiming to do a perfect job – You are not alone. They are only symptoms of conflict and a stuck state. And you may not know yet if they are your strengths that you never realised. Live with authenticity aligned with your current Identity and values.
Spiritual Evolution

Daily Breath Work Practice

We are all energy transmitters vibrating our thoughts and emotions outwardly, shaping how we show up in the world and who we become. These emotions are stored in the body creating discomfort and dis-ease and the only way to effectively clear stuck emotions is through the breath. Learn the ancient art of ‘Pranayama’ breathing, and build a deep meditation practice full of peaceful thoughts and purposeful intent.

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